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  • Instagram Photo Contest – July


    Introducing the EZ blowdry Instagram photo contest. Winner receives a free blowdry session, which includes a hair wash, scalp massage and the blowout.


    • Post a photo of your go-to summer beach hair (must be a photo of yourself, not someone else)
    • Mention @ezblowdry in the caption
    • Use the hashtag #ezblowdry as well
    • All photos must be submitted by July 31 at 11:59 pm in order to qualify

    Once we receive all submissions, the winner will be chosen within the first two weeks of August. Criteria for choosing the winner include creativity, quality of photo and adherence to guidelines. By submitting an entry, you are providing EZ Blowdry with consent to use the photo for communication and marketing purposes.

    EZ Blowdry is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida. We urge individuals to only submit an entry if they are able to travel to our location, as we cannot provide travel/transit accommodations. Entrants under the age of 18 must receive consent from parent or guardian.

    * * *
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  • Celebrating the World Cup in Style


    The World Cup is here and everybody’s catching soccer fever. In honor of this worldwide event, we have a special offer for everyone supporting their favorite national team. Between now and July 13th, get a strand of your hair dyed for free with purchase of any blowdry session.

    Hair strands will be dyed using L’Oreal Hairchalk, a temporary hair dye that lasts approximately through two washes. The available colors include:

    • Sweet Sixteen Pink
    • First Date Violet
    • Blue Ocean Cruise
    • Garden Party
    • Coral Sunset
    • Bronze Beach
    • Coffee Break
    • Black Tie

    You can redeem this offer by visiting our Facebook page.

    If you wish to add more color, the retail product will be on our shelves available for purchase. For more info about L’Oreal Hairchalk, click here.

  • 10 Ways to Wash Your Hair Less Frequently



    Do you dread those mornings you set your clock extra early just to get your hair washed and dried before work?

    Good news is, so does your scalp. Experts say, for most hair types of average oil levels, 3 times a week is how often your hair should be washed to have a healthy scalp and silky, manageable locks.

    Here are a few tips for a variety of lifestyles you can do to prolong a wash:

    1. Spread out your workouts.

    Exercise on days you know you’re going to wash your hair. A new study from the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism shows that what’s important is not how often, but rather, how much time is spent per week hitting the gym. Basically, if you work out 6 times a week for 1 hour, you burn the same amount of fat and calories as working out 3 days a week for 2 hours.

    2. Keep your hands to yourself.

    Use a comb to blowdry or fix your hair, not your hands. Even if you think your hands are clean, there is natural oil that can decrease how long a wash lasts when you comb through your hair with your hands instead of a brush. If you have bangs, keep a mini comb in your purse to fix them without adding grease.

    3. Use a gentler shampoo if you have a dry scalp.

    Excess oil can be caused by a scalp that is forced to produce them – in other words, don’t dry out your scalp with an excessively strong product. Check out shampoos labeled as “everyday wash”, they generally have less scalp-drying chemicals.

    bobby pin4. Let hair clips lead the way.

    Avoid fixing your hair throughout the day and bypass letting your hair pick up the makeup and oil on your face by using a hair clip, bobby pins or a headband whenever possible. Same as oil from hands cause greasy hair, so does facial oil. (See example on the right)

    5. Condition in the right places.

    Grab your trusty conditioner and apply it from the top of your neck and downwards. Focus on the tangled and dry areas while keeping the rest clean.

    6. (Shampoo) change is good.

    Alternate your brands of shampoo for each wash to get rid of product build-up.

    7. Keep everything else clean.

    Wash your pillow cases and your brushes often.

    8. Go for a longer cut.

    Have you ever wondered why longer hair takes longer to grease up? It’s because the oil your scalp accumulates is distributed more evenly with lengthier strands. Keep it on the longer side if you want to skip more washes.

    9. Wash your bangs only.

    If all your hair is clean but your bangs or short layers, wet them in the sink and re-blowdry just that part to squeeze in one more day. If the bangs are very greasy, use a dollop of shampoo.

    10. Do it right the first time.

    Taking the time to do a proper blow out or getting it professionally done at a blowdry bar can extend a wash for several days. A professional blowdry salon session tends to last three to seven days longer than DIY methods.

    * * *
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  • Why You Should Blowdry Your Hair


    Your hair is one of the most crucial elements of your style. Whether you wear it silky straight or in flowing curls, it requires detailed attention and care. When done right, blowdrying can be a part of a healthy hair care routine. Here are just a few benefits that a quality blowdry session can provide.

    1. More Manageable Hair

    Nobody likes having a knot-filled head of hair. Proper blowdrying can give you that soft, easy to comb feel. You know, the kind that makes you want to constantly play with your hair. Instead of wasting away precious time detangling, a fresh blowout makes hair much more manageable.

    2. Added Oomph and Wow Factor

    It’s amazing what hairstyles can be achieved with a blowdryer. Volumizing products, like shampoos and conditioners, can help boost your hair game. But ultimately, a good blowdry session adds the finishing touch to that signature look. A master blowdry stylist can easily take your hair from apartment rug to red carpet.

    3. Less Mirror Time

    We all like making sure our hair, makeup and outfits are on point; which is why most of us spend those extra 10 (maybe 30) minutes checking out every little detail. But less time in front of the mirror equals more time living life. Blowdrying can speed up the process and get you out the door in a less-fashionably-late time frame. Save some time, live it up.

    * * *

    Now, we must note that blowdrying is an art. You just can’t pick up a blowdryer, blast some hot air and expect to get magazine cover results. In fact, poor drying techniques can actually damage your hair. That’s why it’s best to learn the best practices or leave it up to professional stylists to do the job.

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  • EZ Blowdry Grand Opening Photos

    A huge thank you to everyone that joined us between May 9 and 11. Here are a few photos from the Grand Opening weekend. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  • We’re Open!

    We’re proud to announce that we have officially opened as of May 9th! Stay tuned for photos from our Grand Opening weekend as well as some before-and-after shots of our salon. Take care and stay fabulous :)